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Our Story.  When Craig and I started the photo booth business we looked at several photo booths to purchase, but we could not find one that met our standards.  When trying to pick out which photo booth to buy to start our company, we noticed the same few problems over and over again with all the photo booths.

Large Photo Booths Create Fun Pictures!
1.     All the photo booths we tried were very small and made us feel cramped. I’m only 5’7 so anyone taller than me was really going to feel crowed.  We also noticed that you could only fit 3 to 5 people, at most, in the photo booths.  Even with such a small number of people in the booth, people were still crowded onto a bench seat sitting on each other’s lap.  We wanted a photo booth that looked great with 2 or 3 people, but we also wanted to capture large group photos of family members and friends in our photo booth.  When there are 10, or more adults, in a photo booth at one time the photos are hilarious and priceless!  All you can hear is laughter coming from the photo booth.  Our record number is 19!!!

Apperance is Everything.
2.    The second problem that we kept running into was the appearance of the photo booths.  We noticed many photo booths were designed for easy travel and set up, but they really lost out on appearance.  The one thing we didn’t want was a photo booth that was made with plastic piping, a one that looked like a pop up tent made of all curtains, or a photo booth that looked like an arcade game.  We really just wanted a nice looking photo booth.

After doing months and months of research, Craig and I realized we were not going to find a photo booth that was really made for weddings or our approval.  We came to the conclusion that if we wanted a nice looking photo booth for weddings that can fit more than 3 people, we were going to have to build it ourselves.  So that’s what we did.  Luckily Craig is an engineer and that made the process a little easier.


The high quality construction of our photo booths give us a great amount of pride.   We just specialize in photo booths and nothing else.   We are not a DJ company or a Photographer who does this as an add-on to their existing business. This is not just a weekend job for us.  We eat, sleep, and breathe photo booths 24/7.    We invest hours and hours every day just on photo booths, so we can give our customers and their guests the best photo booth experience possible.   We love being a part of such a special day in people’s life, and capturing memories for them to look back on for a lifetime.  Thank you for taking the time to check out or website.  We hope to meet you soon and can be a part of your event!

It’s your special day.  Trust it to Photo Booth Creations.


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